Well apologies, I haven't posted for quite a while and I wish I was back for a better reason.  Parkers been missing for a week now, I'm hoping it's an extended hunt as he's very into present hunting but I'm fearing the worse after the recent storm. So if anyone is in the Treuddyn /... Continue Reading →


Charlie’s love of sandwiches!

The first time Charlie ripped his way into a loaf of bread was after we'd been unpacking the weekly food shop, turned around for a second and he had it out of the shopping bag and was ripping the plastic off!  There'was plenty of meat in there but no, straight for the bread! Second time... Continue Reading →

Parkers First Toy!

I can't  really be sure as we adopted them as adults, but I don't think the boys had toys before we moved in.  Charlie certainly looks at me like I've got a screw loose when I attempt to play with a dangle toy with him! This was Parker during our first Christmas together, he wasn't... Continue Reading →

House Move

When we moved to our previous house the girls hadn't been outside for a while and as it had been a busy road, they hadn't seen any other cats for quite some time. The house had a huge conservatory which they loved sitting in, both before they were allowed out and after (when they weren't... Continue Reading →

Soggy Socks

We moved to an area with a very busy road for a while and I didn't want the cats going out at that time, they were quite happy with the situation but were still curious as to what was going on outside (especially when partridge would come up onto the terrace)! We had a couple... Continue Reading →

That explains it!

The boys often come home caked in mud, it is the countryside so I never thought much of it.  Then one day we discovered Parker disappearing down a hole in a nearby field! I've no idea what lives down there but I hope they have good hearing!  

Farm Animal Interactions

It amuses me no end that the cows follow Charlie around, the sheep have been spotted chasing Parker across the field and both the cows and the sheep find Little Pudding fascinating!  The cats unsurprisingly aren't that impressed though!

Taking the Cat for a Walk

I never would have believed you could go out for a fairly lengthy walk with cats, but there I was one day walking down the lane to the village with two boys following me.  I did expect them to give up and go home but as I turned round a bend in the road they... Continue Reading →

Friendly Cat Encounter

Had a lovely trip out today with a pub lunch, there was a very pretty church in the village with an ancient cemetery so we decided to go and have a little look around. As soon as we walked through the gate a little grey cat started meowing hello to us, loving cats as we... Continue Reading →

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