Secret Socks

Its been a year today we lost Secret Socks, boy I miss tickling that chin!  She was a playful, happy little thing, even at one of her checkups at the vet they said they thought she was much younger as she was “kittenish in her play”.

When we first bought the girls home when they were kittens, I was so excited and had a little area in our sun room for them with toys, beds, climbing / scratching posts, food and water bowls etc.  We took the door off their carrier and Pudding was right at the back all timid but Socks came dashing out, straight over to her toys and ran up and down playing for ages bless her! This encouraged Puds and she didn’t take much longer to come out and get used to us.  That night Socks climbed up my leg and fell asleep on my knee, Pudding did the same on my husband.

This is her doing one of her favourite things, relaxing in the sun! I always put an extra cushion out on the patio chairs for her, I still do!



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