Taking the Cat for a Walk

I never would have believed you could go out for a fairly lengthy walk with cats, but there I was one day walking down the lane to the village with two boys following me.  I did expect them to give up and go home but as I turned round a bend in the road they were still there meowing and looking very content!

The best thing about the first time this happened was I met a very nice gentleman coming in the opposite direction, he stopped dead and started laughing his head off saying “I did a double take then, they are cats aren’t they”!

I ended up taking them home that day as I didn’t know how far they were familiar with and didn’t want them getting lost, we give them distraction food now before we go that way!

They love going for a wander with us though and it’s lovely having them with us, so we stick to the footpaths and fields.

Pudding comes with us sometimes as well, Socks used to come if you took your time and reassured her everything was ok (she was scared of grass, but that’s a story for another time bless her)!


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