Soggy Socks

We moved to an area with a very busy road for a while and I didn’t want the cats going out at that time, they were quite happy with the situation but were still curious as to what was going on outside (especially when partridge would come up onto the terrace)!


We had a couple of escape attempts, usually if we had shopping being delivered, but the most eventful of these was when Socks got out of the patio doors. I dashed out after her, trying to be quiet so she didn’t get spooked, following her down to the (very) small pond as she meowed all the way. Now, the thing with the pond was it had a lot of green algae on top and bless Socks to bits but she must have thought it was grass and just walked onto it! I didn’t actually see her go in, I just heard the plop and legged it over ready to throw myself in there to get her out, she’d already swum to one end where she could get out but on seeing me, turned around and swam back, hopped out and shook herself off!

I carried her in and checked her over (confused but fine), then gave her a quick bath to get the bitty algae bits off her, towelling her down and then having a big cuddle.


She was perfectly fine physically but a few years later when we’d moved and they’d been going outside again for a while, we were confused over Socks refusing to walk on the grass. She’d walk on the drive, patios etc. but would only go on the grass if you were with her coaxing her and reassuring her. Seems silly now that we didn’t realise that the fear came from the pond, she was scared of falling through the ‘grass’ again!  We managed to help her though, even if we hadn’t realised where the fear came from at the time, as in her final years in the house where we are now and after many accompanied walks, she was so happy with her best friends Charlie and Parker, wandering the fields and sunbathing in her favourite spot!


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