Little Pudding is a grumpy tortoiseshell cat born in Gloucestershire in 2004.  She moved to North Wales with us (along with her ginger sister Secret Socks who sadly passed away on 25/02/16) in 2013, after a brief stint in Whitchurch, Shropshire.  This is when Charlie and Parker joined the family!  When we bought our current house, the previous owners asked if we would mind keeping them as they had spent their whole lives here (they are both 10 now) and were very happy roaming the fields for days on end (plus they were moving somewhere a bit busier and didn’t think the boys would like it so much)!  We are massive cat lovers so didn’t hesitate for a minute and they became a very welcome addition to the family.

Little Pudding:  Pudding is a pretty grumpy girl, in the early days she did cuddle up to Socks occasionally but she’s always loved her own space away from all other cats.  So for this reason the boys and the girls now have separate bedrooms!  She’s not that grumpy with humans though, after she gets to know you at least and loves nothing more than sitting on a knee.  She can be very stubborn though which amuses us no end!

Charlie:  Charlie is a loving little fellow, he loves nothing more than bumping his head (for a very long time) against your legs.  He has a very silly face which continues to make us laugh every time you look at him, such a cutie.  He loves to break into loaves of bread as well so you have to keep an eye on him when unpacking your shopping.

Parker:  Parker has become a bit of a mummies boy (which is fine with me!), he loves to be held and cuddled, the purr you get from him when you pick him up is adorable!  He’s very sociable and the day we moved in he ran across the field to meet me when I called his name!


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