Strike a Pose

Cat photography and its perils, one minute they are looking cute and fluffy (that bit never changes at least!) and by the time the camera springs to life they've either completely left the shot, or they are doing something entirely different! So here is my best example of this, Charlie at his silly best!


Mew Cat!

For the first of my 'guest cat' slots, this is our current visitor.  We call him Mew Cat because you can hear his very high pitched mewing from miles away, he comes up the hill from the village to see us (day and night, we opened the door at 6am once and he was sat... Continue Reading →

Your Grass Needs Mowing!

We aren't great gardeners but try to keep the lawn mowed, but it grows so fast in wet and windy Wales it does get a tad long at times! The cats (well, the boys) love it either way, if it's long it's a game and they hide and jump out at you, if it's freshly... Continue Reading →

Best Friends

Right from the start they boys took to Socks like they'd lived with her all their lives.  The first morning after they had access to the same 'bedroom' I was eager to make sure they were all getting on ok still, I didn't expect to find them all cuddled up though! They all got on... Continue Reading →

Puss on Boots!

Parker is a very cuddly boy, he follows me everywhere and when I'm out in the garden he runs slightly ahead of me so he can roll over onto his back and wait for a tickle! He usually ends up sitting on my feet (and giving them a lick in flip flop weather) and this photo... Continue Reading →

Secret Socks

Its been a year today we lost Secret Socks, boy I miss tickling that chin!  She was a playful, happy little thing, even at one of her checkups at the vet they said they thought she was much younger as she was "kittenish in her play". When we first bought the girls home when they... Continue Reading →

Baby Pictures

Little Pudding has always been a climber, this is her on top of our wooden swing seat when she was about a year old.  When we lived in that particular place, she would climb up the trellis at the side of the house and sit on top of the pergola for hours on end, I... Continue Reading →

Curious Boys

Parker and Charlie are fascinated by Pudding, they can't keep their eyes off her! She will go over to them, have a sniff, then hiss and storm off bless her. It took Socks no time at all to get used to them, they cuddled up from their first day together. Pudding prefers her own company... Continue Reading →

First Photos

The best photo I had of Charlie back in the "moving around too fast" period!  I really love it though, you can see his little belly and back legs, not to mention spectacular whiskers! They've always been really happy cats and love to show off a bit, rolling around on your feet.

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